Never Compromise...


  • Bobby Mote

    I'd like to thank Outback Customs for the great job they did on my 15' short wall Twister. Aaron and the crew at Outback were more than accommodating with the changes that I requested and the work they do is top quality.

    Bobby Mote
    4-Time World Champion
  • Tyson Durfey

    Since 2006 I have spent more than 2,000 nights in a horse trailer. As you may have guessed I am a professional rodeo cowboy spending an average of 200 days a year on the road. During this time I have gotten to know horse trailers and living quarters very well. Recently I have purchased a Cimarron trailer with an Outback Custom interior. The trailer is amazing and the living area is even better!

    Last year at The National Finals Rodeo I met with the Outback Team to pick my colors and make the final decisions to my trailer. They were very good to deal with and their experience saved me from making errors when picking colors and floor plan. You know what they say “Happy wife, Happy life!” And my wife and coming soon Baby Durfey love the trailer. Outback also kept me posted when my trailer was being built and completed it two weeks ahead of schedule!

    When I got the trailer home and was setting it up I simply watched the youtube videos that are very clear and easy to follow (Not to mention they must have hired a male model to use in the video! Ha Ha Aaron!)

    The videos cover everything from De-winterizing to Setting up your water heater. Don’t just do it yourself follow the steps in the youtube videos because they make it easier.

    After I bought the trailer I found out that the company motto is “Never Compromise” and that couldn't be more true! All the finishes on my trailer are outstanding! I have a 15’ 6” LQ with a dinette, couch, full kitchen, bathroom and an enclosed nose.

    Everything from the cabinets, to the trim on the floor, are very well built and put together. The trim in the closets even meets up perfectly and that is a place that usually gets overlooked.

    I believe that a man's reputation is the most important thing that he can ever build. It takes a lifetime to build and a second to throw away! Saying that I would recommend an Outback Custom Interior to anyone.

    My experience with Outback Customs has been nothing short of perfect and I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine! Take care and God Bless!

    Tyson Durfey
    Rodeo Cowboy

Never Compromise

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