Coronavirus Relief

COVID-19 Mobile Testing Stations


Owned and operated in Oklahoma City, we are uniquely positioned to bring immediate solutions to help speed up the process of COVID-19 testing while keeping infected citizens out of the emergency rooms.

Our Capabilities


Can offer a broad range of turnkey solutions from new ground up units to adapting existing vehicles, trailers, or containers for new uses


Experienced in all aspects of mobile products from design to engineering to manufacturing to service and we have produced multiple Mobile Command Centers and Mobile Labs


Customizable to fit multiple needs and uses ensuring your project not only meets todays needs but is also adaptable for future needs


Short lead times with the ability to complete projects in days not weeks. We are also registered as a vendor with the state of Oklahoma.

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How Can We Help?

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help beat this virus and return our great nation back to normal again.
You can call us directly at 405-745-6666 or use the contact us button below.
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